Yoga Studio Etiquette:

  1. Please arrive early enough to check in and set up your space.  If you are registered for the class, we will hold the door for 5 minutes after the start of the class, after which the door will be locked and you will not be permitted entry.  If you are registered for class but do not attend, it is recommended that you cancel out of the class online or through the app or you will be charged for the class as if you had attended.
  2. Please remove your shoes and jackets and leave them outside the room.  There are cubbies provided inside the space for your personal belongings such as purse and car keys.
  3. Please silence your cell phone.  Even on vibrate, phones can make a lot of noise.  Consider using the “Do not disturb” option or turning the phone off entirely for class.
  4. Only closed-container water bottles in the space.  No food or other drink permitted.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move and that will stay put if you bend forward.  Baggy clothes will quickly become annoying.  Form fitting athletic wear works well, as does a fitted t-shirt and sport pants.  Yoga is done with bare feet.  You may wear your socks until class begins.

Do I need my own mat?

You may bring a mat if you wish, but we have all the props that you will need, including mats, in the studio.  They are available for use, free of charge.  You may wish to bring a water bottle.  No open containers for food or drink are allowed in the space.

What can I expect at my first class?

When you enter the studio, you will be greeted by the teacher and will complete the sign in process.  Inside, you will find cubbies for storing your personal belongings.  Roll out a mat, gather the needed props designated by your teacher, and find your space to sit and relax until class begins.

I’m not flexible.  Can I still do yoga?

Yes!  Yoga isn’t about flexibility.  It’s about preparing the body so you can work on the mind and spirit.  It does not matter how far you come into the poses, only that you are present with what you are doing.  Over time, you will find that muscles will open up and allow more movement.  It is a pleasant side-effect of doing the practice.

I have an injury.  Can I still do yoga?

Please let your teacher know before class of any injuries or pregnancy you may have as this will effect what poses you can do and how they should be approached.

Is this hot yoga?

Embody Yoga is not a hot yoga studio.  We have floors, not carpet, and the room is at a comfortable temperature.  We do not teach Bikram or hot yoga here.