Vimla Maharaj is returning….

Vimla Maharaj is returning for a full weekend of classes, and they can be taken individually, or as a package.

All 5 sessions for $225, with an early bird of $195 if registered before October 25. 2 hour individual classes are $65, and 3 hour classes are $75.


Part 1 - Quiet

Friday, Nov 1, 5-7 pm: Calm the central nervous system, and let the peace return. A gentle class, focused on using asana and pranayama to quiet the mind.


Part 3 - Inward Focus

Saturday, Nov 2, 5-7 pm: Gentle practice and pranayama. Refresh and refine the breath with lying and seated pranayama.


Part 2 - Asana

Saturday, Nov 2, 12-3 pm: A 3 hour vigorous practice, featuring standing, lateral twist with introduction to backward extensions. Visit uncharted areas inward to make room for the prana.


Part 4 - Intensity

Sunday Nov 3, 9-11 am: Vigorous practice. Inversions and backward extension experiences to spread the consciousness.


Part 5 - Lower Back

Sunday Nov 3, 12-3 pm: A focused yoga class on preventing back injury and recovering from pain.

Register for all of them here: