As Prashant Iyengar says; "In all of us resides a wise teacher and an ardent student.” We will focus on bringing together our inner teacher and student, as we practice this weekend. 

Dates: March – the 30th and 31st

  • Friday 6-8pm:   Observing the Unobservable 
  • Saturday 9-12:  Invigorate with Standing Poses
  • Saturday 2-4pm:  Yoga for Emotional Stability

Workshop is $150 for all 3 sessions.  A la carte pricing for the 2 hour sessions are $50 each and the 3 hour class is $65.  Early bird discount of 10% if registered before March 15.

Tuning in to Your Inner Teacher, with Nina Pileggi

Observing the Unobservable:  In this session we will practice supported poses that can be held for longer periods.  These longer holds will give us time to make observations that were hidden before, deepening our knowledge of ourselves.    
Invigorate with Standing Poses:  In this session we will learn how standing poses can invigorate your body and mind by building confidence, strength and balance.  We will learn important actions in simpler poses and build toward more complex poses.  There will be time to rest at the end.
Yoga for Emotional Stability:  In this session we will explore the sequence Mr. Iyengar presented in his book Light on Life.   This sequence promotes emotional stability.  Most of the poses are of a restorative nature.  Pranayama will also be included.


Teacher Bio

Nina is the founder & director of Sunset Yoga Center in Portland and certified at the Intermediate Junior III level. Having taught for over 18 years, Nina’s teaching style is enthusiastic and supportive. She believes yoga is a life-transforming and life-long practice, & continues to marvel at the lessons to be learned. Currently enrolled in a three-year therapeutic yoga teacher training program with Manouso Manos, Nina has made 4 trips to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family.